My paintings are like a mathematical praxis that needs to be solved and to moved out of their painterly environment from time to time… At this stage of my career I found the answer through the 3D steel rods. The steel rods it is yet Rafaella’s material in which enables her to transform her paintings in a 3 dimensional way in any space, place or a non-place. She is stating, that; Working with the metal, I can contain the same gesture, the same lines, curves and geometrical shapes, pointy peeks where my letters decipher and the most important thing; I am able to construct my smallest written drawings in any sizes as I wish, from very tiny to either very big – huge, gigantic but not only. All of my steel installations enable me to live inside the actual work, and I am thankful. The balance of the steel rods, the space they create, the physical movement and sound grabbed the artist attention. Rafaella’s suspended installation allow the viewer to interact with, to walk in and to inhabit within the actual work, to experience the letters differently from all the angles and to see a complete painting from distance. Finally will invite the audience to see the language’s performance differently, throughout her kinetic sometimes installations viewer will collaborate ‘accidentally’ without knowing and then the piece will change…  

‘I invite you to respect, and to experience thoroughly the sound and the live performances of the poetic steel installations’

“Up’s Down’s II”, Steel Installation, 2013

Suspended Steel Installation 8.80meters (height) x 4.35meters (length).
United Kingdom, Canterbury

“ Silentextual”, Steel Installation”, 2014.

Suspended Kinetic Steel Installation – Kinetic monitor
4.35meters(height) x 3.00meters(length). United Kingdom, Canterbury

“The Floating Dialoque” ,Steel Installation, 2012

Suspended steel rods from the ceiling and on the wall.
6.00meters (height) x 4.50meters (length). United Kingdom, Canterbury

“Ierotelesteia of Visions”, Steel Installation, 2021

Suspended Kinetic / Light / Sound Installation – Kinetic monitor
6.00meters (height) x 3.00meters (length). Cyprus, Limassol

“Up’s Down’s III", Steel Installation inside the sea, 2013

In response to the Nature of the Landscape Turner & Constable.
Installment and placement of steel rods inside the sea.
United Kingdom, Folkestone Costal Area, Turner Contemporary Gallery.

“Experimental Dialogue I", Steel Installation, 2014

Steel rods letters situated on the wall.
Live Performance. France, Rouen

“Experimental Dialogue II", Steel Installation, 2014

Steel rods letters situated on the wall.
Live Performance. Folkestone, United Kingdom