Silentextual - Live Performanceof Steels


They are all separated and they tend to move, very slowly but when they move they can touch each other, the movement of one steel can change the whole piece and the silent being starts to move and to create different sounds. If you walk closely you will trigger another sense and another sound will start the dialogue between the other artworks (…)

Interested in the absence of communication with the other artists, in curatorial terms, in the idea of noncooperation – a silent collaboration between artists and curator. The SilenTextual steel installation it is the piece that has created the dialogue between all the artists works, Lawrence Weiner, Fiona Banner. In this voyage, the steel installation stands out as the artwork that continues artist’s ideas and creates a silent dialogue between the other artworks respectfully. Within my journey I have challenged the viewer to extend all the artists’ ideas, inviting them to draw on something else, to re-structure and re-align the works on their own terms… to rethink, to dis-joint and dis-locate what is seen from the conventions of language.