Ierotelestia of Visions - Kinetic and sound suspended steel installation

Ierotelestia of Visions

‘ You,
the chair, the object, the viewer!
Walk closely and towards to me,
I am changing and moving,
I am hanging in the space
I am singing harmonically the sound of the steels,
I am a colourful poetry made out of steel letters,
all of my bones of steel’s are separated but they become one and they are united,
Although I am one piece, made out of many, and together I construct the being’s… ‘

‘Ierotelestia of Visions’ as the title request, enables the viewer to engage with, to become one with the work, to live in and to experience the performative dialogue. Rafaella’ will invite you, to interact to see the colourful dialogue of the suspended steel rods in which positioned in space in different levels in different size harmonically and all together constructing the dialogue of the suspended being’s.